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How to write a video production brief + Free Template

What is a brief?

A brief is a document where you put together all your thoughts, ideas and goals prior to commencing work on a project. You do this so no details are missed and everything is documented and planned to the T. In fact, a brief is the starting point for any project you undertake in the creative or business realm.
And the same goes with video.
So, before you get excited about producing a video, put together a video production brief that clearly describes your business’ goals. When you have a brief in place, all parties involved in your project will work towards the goals outlined in the brief, leaving no scope for error or miscommunication.
If you’ve never written a video brief before, this is the ultimate guide to help you write it like a pro.  You can also scroll to the end of this piece and download our video brief template and get started today.

Factor in the following, when you write a video production brief

  1. The purpose of the video: No brief can begin without stating why the video is being produced. When you write the ‘why,’ don’t forget to outline the business goals that you intend to achieve with the video. Also, what business problems of your customer does the video plan to solve?  What do you want to do with the video? Promote a product, showcase your company’s customer support, or anything else? Also, it pays to be extra specific. So break down your goals, to as far as saying, for instance, I want to grow my website traffic by 50%. OR. I want this video to change common consumer perception of my brand, and grow brand engagement. Be confident about what you want to achieve and put it all down to the last detail.
  1. Your company background: Write down details of how your company is perceived by customers. What makes your brand distinctive, or why consumers think you’re different? Also, make notes about what the company plans to achieve a year down the line.  When you mention details like this, your video production company is able to see context and will be able to comprehend why a certain video can really help in promoting your company.


  1. Who is your audience? Consider your target audience when you write a video production brief.  Who will watch your video? What are their personality traits and attributes? Have you been able to put together a buyer persona for your ideal customer?  Unless you’re certain about who you’re targeting with the video, how do you tailor the content to appeal to them? Also, note what you would like your audience to do once they’ve watched your video. Remember, the more specific your brief is, the better we can help you craft your video content.
  1. Where is the video going to be watched? Don’t forget to include details of video distribution channels. Will it be up on your website’s homepage? Will the video be showcased at presentations and pitch meetings? The production style will depend on where the video is going to be showcased.  Also, is your video going to be accessed on desktops, mobile devices or some other way? The video has to be tailored according to the channel it is being shared on.


  1. Budget and timelines: Mention details of when the project needs to begin and by when it needs to be completed. Have you already thought about a budget? If yes, share it with your video production house so they can work to provide the best possible services around that budget.


Remember: The more guidance you provide in your video production brief,  the better you video is likely to be.


We’ve created an easy-to-use template that will help you put together a very detailed and specific video brief.  Plus, it’s FREE. So, go ahead and download our template today. 

Have a project in mind?  Send in your brief to [email protected] and we’ll get back pronto!

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