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Wrap Up Event Video : NVIDIA at ICML 2017

Event videos are an excellent way to boost brand credibility and authority and also showcase to your prospects how your products and services are being received by members of your audience.  But, why are we talking about event videos? You see, we were contracted by Flipt Studio to capture an interesting wrap up event video for NVIDIA at ICML 2017.

Now, NVIDIA dabbles in technology, AI, graphic accelerated computer systems, AI Learning.  This wrap up event video attempts to showcase snippets of the brand’s achievements and highlights during the 2 days of ICML 2017 at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

The production for the shoot involved:

1 x crew, 1 x 5D mark iv cam, 16-35,70-200,24-70mm lenses and 1 x camera slider & tripod, lapel mics, audio gear, 1 x led light panel, light stands

We shot over two days and carried out post-production within the short span of a day, given that we had to hand the video over before NVIDIA left for the USA.  We’ve used Premiere Pro CC for the video edits, Aftereffects CC for animations, Adobe Audition for audio.

Overall, both FliptStudio and NVIDIA were very happy with the quality of the video. The wrap up event video has made it to all their social media, marketing and social media platforms.

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