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Why your business needs video for internal communications

Imagine your employee reading a dry piece of text from the company CEO in an email newsletter. In contrast now imagine the CEO sharing the same message in a short video form? Which one feels more interesting and makes the employee feel more energised about their contribution towards the company’s growth?  Naturally, the latter. You see, therein lies the real power of a video. And your internal communications can receive an actual face lift with the inclusion of video. We use video rampantly to share our company’s messages and to promote our products and services . So, why not use video for internal communications too?

Let us explore at length why your business needs video for internal communications

  1. It works to humanise your company

We are emotional beings, and video works so effectively because it captures real emotions, expressions and body language in a way that text-based communication simply cannot achieve. Because video is so personal and emotive, it helps us feel more connected to the information being disseminated. So, when the CEO delivers a video message to the team, it works to instantly connect with everyone at a very personal and human level.  Such an act will also foster more openness in the organisation and  in turn create an environment of transparency and inclusiveness.  In the long-run, such level of inclusiveness will help your organisation achieve its goals.

  1. The information shared is retained better

Yes, you read that right. Sending your message alone is not enough. Your audience also needs to be paying attention. And since video is a more engaging medium for your internal communications, the messages shared are more likely to be remembered and retained in memory. This happens because video relies on the both the visual and auditory senses, improving retention significantly.

So, if you’re looking to share information and communicate important changes within the company to your employees, the chances are that they will absorb and remember your communication better with video than audio or text. The other great thing with video is being able to express yourself with clarity and consistency. So, for the purposes of making things clear and simple, you can employ the use of images, graphs as well as animation and simplify a complicated topic and make it understood without hassle.  This particular benefit of retention is one that puts video high on the list of must-haves for internal communications. You could communicate a change in business structure or even use the platform to share employee health and safety matters in the workplace.

  1. Videos are accessible, anywhere anytime

The video is an extremely flexible format of communication and can literally be accessed from any place in the world and any given time of the day.  For instance, let’s say you’re producing a series of induction videos. You won’t have to impart the same training in person to every new employee who comes on board and can instead rely on the video to do the same job for you. It’s personal and employees can watch it at a preferred pace and time. This is a great way to boost efficiency, reduce unnecessary meetings, save time and improve communications in general.

  1. Tracking success is easy

Another benefit of using video for internal communications is that it’s easy to track how many people have engaged with it. You’ll always have analytics to track standard metrics like audience engagements and measure how much your videos are being viewed by your employees and how many times.

That said, video isn’t the only way to communicate with your employees. It is although an important tool that should be a major part of your internal communications strategy. So tell us, will you be taking advantage of the benefits listed above? Write in comments and let us know.




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