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Why You Cannot Ignore Video Marketing

So what’s the big deal about video marketing?

Video marketing isn’t just a fancy word in marketing today, it is among the most effective ways to bring about engagement and conversions for your business. Compare engagement levels of a 60 sec video over reading five paragraphs of text, and video’s the sure winner!

Statistics alone will provide ample evidence of this staggering reality. According to a study by Adelie Studios in 2015, the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video than without. YouTube receives more than one billion visitors every month.

The ReelSEO B2B Video Content Marketing Survey reveals that 73% B2B marketers confirm that video marketing leads to more conversions.  Why, do you ask?

More customers today tend to consume content as part of their buying journey.  But with the content overload on the internet and the evolution of the online buyer, video literally hits all the sweet spots when driving traffic and engagement. What’s more it contributes to tons of positive brand value. Shoppers are in fact, more inclined to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Even Cisco has revealed that 69% of consumer internet traffic in 2017 will video.

So, whether you’re a new business or an existing one, here are 8 reasons why you cannot ignore video marketing:

  1. People have limited attention spans today: In 2015, Microsoft reported that humans have an 8-second attention span.  If your plan is to catch your customer by the hook, then video seems like the bait that’s most likely to work.
  2. People love a great story: Powerful storytelling is perhaps one of video’s biggest strengths. Notice how a good story always sticks, leading to better brand recall.
  3. More traffic: According to predictions, by 2019, almost 80% of internet traffic will be video. More engaging video content = more traffic…get the drift?
  4. Higher ROI: Landing page videos have a 64% conversion rate over websites without videos.
  5. More shares:   Video is really easy to share and that means prospects and customers who enjoy your content will share them with those with similar interests.
  6. Improved SEO: Did you know that video content can actually improve your score with Google? Given how more and more people prefer videos over text, engaging video content will dramatically contribute to better rankings on Google. Remember to optimise your headlines and video descriptions so it can be found easily.
  7. More click-throughs on e-mail:  Video in emails is going to rule 2017. When you share video content in your marketing emails, it tends to pique the interests of your customers better, encouraging them to click through and stay longer on your website.  PS: Don’t forget to add ‘video’ in your subject line.
  8. Stay ahead of competition: This may be surprising, but only 24% of brands today are using online videos for marketing. This finding by Adelie Studios in 2015 presents a rather interesting opportunity for you to raise your brand’s awareness and drive engagement and conversions.

Take a look at this Fitgraphix 30-second advert for example. In less than a minute this engaging advertisement about floor design decals tells you everything about optimising floor space.



Here’s another example, with a little-over-a-minute ad spot, we executed for SmartLine GPS Marker. The product is intended for accurate field marking with its built-in technology. Notice how, with detailed storytelling, the video captures every relevant feature of the product without losing out on the viewer’s interest.



Watch this space for more updates. Also, stay tuned in for strategic business insights  from Two Story to power your video content marketing efforts.


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