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3 Reasons Why Marketers Need to Focus on Live Video Marketing

In 2016, video surfaced as a popular content format, and by 2017, it had risen to the top of every marketer’s must-have list. In 2018, video has emerged a necessity given its power in influencing entire business strategies. Today 90% customers will claim that videos aid their purchase decisions. And taking it a step further is live video marketing. With customers veering towards content that feels participative, authentic, interactive and even exclusive, live video marketing has emerged as a complete game changer, making it a top priority for many online businesses today. In fact, live video is being touted to make up almost 13% of all internet traffic by 2021.

A live video is amazing because it feels personal, raw, and in-the-moment. But that’s not all…

Here are three reasons why all marketers should be taking live video marketing seriously.

#1 Live videos feel urgent: As people or consumers, we’re all captivated by the idea of something happening in real time. It feels urgent, which is why live videos elicit an almost instant click-now mentality. What’s more, notice how a CTA that ends in a ‘tune in for a live masterclass’ has more clicks compared to traditional CTAs on recorded videos.

#2 They improve brand authenticity: Live videos add a personalised touch to your brand, making your audience’s experience of interacting with your brand feel authentic and real. What’s more, live videos are known to keep viewers engaged for 8.1 x longer when compared to video on demand. It’s the sort of engagement that is shown to improve and grow brand loyalty and favourability. Use live video marketing to foster real connections, communicate brand messages and also entertain your audience.

#3 You’ll get instant feedback: Marketers are also privy to real-time analytics as well as comments and feedback from viewers. What’s more, viewers are also more likely to comment on live videos more than their uploaded counterparts. This kind of direct feedback is precious when measuring the performance of your live video marketing initiatives.

The future is all about dynamic video content that makes your viewer/s feel like they’re a part of the experience. And, live video isn’t limited to only product launches. Consider it for brand launches, events, presentations, interviews, lectures, seminars, expert Q&As to make a genuine connection with your audience. They make for excellent training tool too, for both employees and customers.

So, have you used live video in your B2B marketing initiatives? What results did you come across? Share your strategies by commenting below today.

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