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Everything you need to know about financial video production

Why your business needs financial services video production?

The topic of finance is at once complex and confusing. Numbers are intimidating and the prospect of taking care of one’s financial matters personally can be overwhelming for many. And that’s why one of the biggest challenges that financial businesses face is simplifying finance and helping customers gain understanding of their products and services.

With video you can spell out the benefits of engaging with your financial services business and simplify it for your audience without taking up too much of their time. Using video, you can make these seemingly complex topics feel easy to understand and create a high recall value with your viewers.  A video can drive more impact than a financial textbook ever will.  This is because a video relies on both the auditory and visual senses of the viewer. It decreases significantly the time needed for understanding these complex numbers and products. You can use video to explain the meaning behind the numbers. In one sense financial videos are like the elevator pitch; you try and sell your business or product in less than a minute.

Why recall is everything. Let’s look deeper…

With the massive information overload on the internet, there’s a huge volume of content we skim and peruse through on a daily basis. Things like social media posts, blog articles, email newsletters, and tons of multimedia; they’re an inseparable part of our everyday lives on the internet. And what happens eventually? By the time the day is up, most of all that content is forgotten, save for a few interesting somethings that stood out and made us take notice.

So what is the key takeaway here?

When you’re looking to make loyal customers, it’s important to stay in their minds long enough for them to remember you. Even if they don’t sign up with your business at the first instance, they should be able to recall your messaging, the next time they consider financial expertise.

As far as statistics go, the average viewer is able to recall almost 95% of video content even after 3 full days have passed. Is this phenomenon possible with text?

Absolutely not!

Financial services video production presents the thoroughness of text and has the clarity and conciseness of an image. It’s truly like the best of both worlds. Plus, video has its unique characteristics, contributing to a higher recall value.

Addressing common objections

When you create a video for your potential customers, always remember to spell out the benefits and also address common objections that may prevent them from signing up with you.

Some of these objections include:

  1. Why they should trust your business?
  2. What if your business is too expensive to sign up with?
  3. Do you really have the expertise you’re offering/ Do you know what you’re doing?
  4. What if they go bankrupt?

When you address these objections clearly, you build trust instantly.

It also pays to engage with a professional video production house to create content that is technically sound and edited to perfection. And that’s why, you need to talk to us today!









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