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thought leadership videos for your business

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Why Consider Investing in Thought Leadership Videos for Your Business

When it comes to creating marketing content that drives brand authority and engagement, thought leadership is often the go-to solution for many marketers.  This is because, thought leadership campaigns typically work to build more meaningful relationships with your audience. As marketer Michael Brenner aptly puts it, “Thought Leadership is simply about becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience.” So, if you’re looking at sharing your expertise and building authenticity and authority, thought leadership videos for your business are the way to go. You see, video when combined with top tier content shared by subject matter experts has often been found to drive a more personal connection and could be the point of distinction between your brand and your competitors.

Not convinced, here are…

4  reasons to use thought leadership videos for your business

#1 It offers you/your brand an opportunity to share your opinion on the latest industry news or market trends.

#2 It fosters a feeling of deep trust among your prospects and audience members.

#3 It is naturally more engaging and hence increases the scope of driving more sales and revenue.

#4 You’ll also have the opportunity to share your video on multiple platforms or channels, in turn increasing the opportunity of being found by new followers.

Things to keep in mind when planning your next thought leadership video

#1 Work out a unique angle for the content you’re about to present. This is especially important if your industry is crowded with too many thought leaders. Dig deeper!

#2 Understand what it is that your audience is looking for. Look for insights that will help you tailor your content to your audience’s requirement

#3 Specifically provide detailed answers to some of the most pressing matters in your industry.

#4 Audiences also tend to enjoy stories about the latest news or trends or even innovations in your industry.

#5 You definitely want to pay attention to creativity in terms of production, style and the overall confidence quotient of the video.

#6 Never forget to include a call to action. Audience members should have very specific instructions on what needs to be done after watching the video. You could ask them to sign up for your newsletter, share or comment on the video, etc.

Most importantly, the potential thought leaders of your company are also incredibly busy. Shooting a video is more than ideal in such a scenario, because with a professional video crew in place, there is more opportunity to work quickly while also gleaning out enough thought leadership content to fuel your entire campaign in one-go. Have questions about how a professional video team can make your content shine? Write in to [email protected] today.



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