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visual artist luis mujica

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Artist in Residence: Documentary on visual artist Luis Mujica

Renowned visual artist Luis Mujica is recognised most for his work in creating digital masterpieces. He creates large scale prints that are so mesmerising that it almost feels like a visual illusion. We experienced this first hand at his debut showcase titled Symmetrical Abstractions at the Moving Mountains Gallery in Wollongong. We worked with Luis during this showcase to film a documentary on the artist’s life and his  journey in the space of visual arts.

Production equipment included:

  1. 2- DSLR Cameras
  2. 2 – tripods
  3. 1 – DJI osmo 3 camera stabilizer
  4. 2 – LED light panels with 2 light stands and camera slider

To bring the video to life, we’ve added minor animations and effects. We used Adobe Suite for post-production and image editing. Even the subtitles have been managed on Adobe Suite.

Why the video works?

The video which traces the life and work of this prolific visual artist,  has been shot in an interview-style format. This enables the audience to hear from the artist directly. It feels even more authentic as Luis chooses to speak in his mother-tongue, Spanish, with the addition of English subtitles for the audience’s benefit. In fact his choice of Spanish over English was only so that he could speak passionately about his work without trying to find English words to explain himself.

Through the documentary, visual artist Luis Mujica also provides rare insights into the way he creates each of his stunning artworks. It’s almost as if the audience is able to get into his mind and understand how the artist thinks.

The video hits a lot of sweet spots as far as promotional videos go.  It’s authentic; his story is backed with phenomenal artistic work displayed in the background at the gallery. Also, Luis’ personality shines through and that is something that makes the video even more impactful.

We’re happy that Luis loved the final outcome and intends to use the documentary to promote himself and garner more publicity.

Watch this documentary now:

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