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4 types of videos to boost online sales

The sales process has changed tremendously over years. In order to make the sale, you have to first lead your customer on the path to purchase.  In marketing parlance, this is often also referred to as the buyer’s journey.  A typical buyer’s journey starts with your customer becoming aware of their business problems. This is followed by them seeking appropriate solutions, then considering which solutions work well and finally ending with a decision to purchase. Depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey your customer is in, you can customise your videos to appeal to their problems and help them move down the path you’re intending for them.

Today we’ll take you through the types of videos that your prospects will expect to see at the decision stage of the buyer’s cycle.

Here are the top 4 performing videos that will help you boost online sales


Customer success stories/ Testimonials: Success stories of customers play a powerful rule to help your offer look irresistible and boost online sales. You see, by the time your prospect as arrived at the decision stage, he or she has already decided on how to solve the persisting business problems. They’re looking for that something extra to help them close the deal with you. You can showcase how people in real life have used your product or service and how it has helped solve their business problems.  About 1-2 minutes for a single customer, and about 3 minutes is ideal for a mash-up.

Here’s John Kohlenburg, Creative Director of DK Advertising sharing his thoughts on working with our brand…


Product demos: At the decision stage, your prospect has created a shortlist of businesses that will solve his/her problems. And that’s why, they’re keen to analyse your products or services at length and find out the advantages and disadvantages of choosing your business over another’s. A demo video is like a tutorial of your video or service. You can tell your potential customers about a specific function or show them how easy-to-use and efficient your products are. Turns out that almost 64% people are more likely to buy after watching a video about your product.  Work with a 1-2 minute timeframe for these videos.

Take your inspiration from this product demo video we created for Fountainline Smartline GPS


About Us / Behind-the-scenes: These style of videos will help your potential customers connect at a more intrinsic level with your brand. It is therefore a great opportunity for you to showcase your authentic self. A great way to do this is by introducing your prospects to the people behind your product or service. Or, you could showcase your company’s culture. The idea is to get your message across in the warmest and welcoming way possible, all while showcasing your passion for your work. Up to 2-3 minutes works wonderfully well for these videos.

This is a cool behind-the-scenes video of Duane working on one of our latest gigs with Botton & Gardiner. You’ll see how we’ve captured the shoot process and everything else that goes on behind the scenes. What this does is gives you a great idea of how we work and that helps in so many ways to make the business seem more humane and familiar.  Take a look



Customer interaction videos: Over the last few years, these videos have become exceedingly popular for customer-business interactions especially on social media platforms. In fact, customers love it when businesses respond to their queries with a personalised video. Not only does this work with current customers, even prospects see this as a sign that you are fully invested in your customer’s needs. This can often be the differentiating factor between your business and another’s and boost online sales.

Check this example for more inspiration


Remember: The decision stage is the final stage of the buyer’s journey. It can result in your prospect purchasing from you and boost online sales. But he/she will still need an assurance and affirmation that your business solution is the best choice available.

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