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Don’t forget to book for video coverage when planning a corporate event.

You know what they say on social media – pics or it didn’t happen. The same applies to marketing even more so these days – and your next big corporate event deserves not just photos but a sizzle reel to really help spread the word.


Here are just a few reasons why a sizzle reel is a must-have for your next event:


1. It extends your event’s shelf life


So, you’ve invited a few dozen or hundred guests to your corporate event and they were quite impressed. They told their colleagues and clients about it and even posted it on LinkedIn. Your event is the talk of the town – until a few days later when the next event comes around. After weeks of planning and preparation for your big event, you wouldn’t want everyone to just forget about it in a few days, right? By doing a sizzle reel, you can capture the highlights of your event and share it a few days, weeks, or even months after – and remind your audience how fabulous your event and brand are.




2. It gets more eyeballs and engagement online


By doing a sizzle reel, more people can see how your event turned out – far beyond your guest head count. And with everyone on social these days, an engaging highlights reel about a glitzy event will surely attract people’s attention. After all, nobody wants to experience FOMO – or Fear of Missing Out. With video as the most popular type of content, you engage more viewers and gain reactions, comments, and shares – boosting your social media presence and sometimes, even going viral.


3. It adds personality to your brand


An event is a perfect opportunity to introduce or re-introduce your brand – so might as well get it all on video, right? Hearing directly from your C-suite, brand ambassadors, employees, or partners allows your audience to understand what your company is about – so make sure to add snippets from their speeches or shoot their testimonials for the sizzle reel. Whether it’s for a brand launch, product launch, or a stockholder’s event – a sizzle reel can capture your event’s message and share it in a more fun and entertaining way. If the guests at your event got the full experience, sharing a sizzle reel with your followers gives them a sampler of that experience – and leaves them wanting to know more about your brand.


Share your brand story – for your events and beyond –  with the power of professional marketing videos. Two Story is a Sydney-based video production company that can take your marketing to the next level with event videos, corporate videos, video testimonials, TV commercials, and videos in almost any format. Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about your next marketing video.

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