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video during a crisis

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Why Use Video During a Business Crisis

A crisis is something that shows up very unexpectedly and unannounced. It’s just one of those days when you’ll find customers complaining about your products or services on social media or worse, your website has crashed, and you’re losing a ton of traffic and sales. If you don’t control the situation, things could quickly get out of hand, and it could translate to a great deal of loss in terms of trust and credibility while also having your sales and brand value come plummeting down. When the tough gets going, reaching out and engaging with your audience in a helpful and meaningful way can make a great deal of difference. A video during a crisis is a great way to respond and reassure your audience. When you’re able to explain and talk them through the challenges, you can be assured of more empathy and trust.

Here’s more on why you should use video during a crisis…

#1 People don’t expect it: You see, while most brands today leverage to power of video marketing in their overarching business strategies, very few will use videos as a tool to address customer grievances or concerns. So, in creating one, you’ve already stood out and made an impression. What’s more, it’s incredibly reassuring when on a day that the customer feels like you failed them, you show up in person, to explain to them that you’re doing everything to sort it out. Customers come away surprised and delighted, and that can be a great thing for your brand.

#2 People love when you respond to them: When you reach out to your customers in a timely fashion, the impression they get is that you’re listening to their requests or complaints. And that can go a long way in helping your customers realise you care, in turn strengthening your relationship with them.

Aside from customer complaints, a video is also great to use in case of a PR crisis. Explaining your problem and taking the customer through your solution plan can work well to win back audience trust.  And who says, videos are good when the times are bad.  Why not create a short video thanking your customers for their continuing support? This is the type of content that will generate conversation and grow engagement around your brand. Find a platform/s where your audience is most active. It could be your social media pages, company blog or even on your website.

Creating a timely video during a crisis is an excellent move towards building empathy while also leaving a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to apologise, clarify or thank your customers, creating a professionally produced video will generate resonance while also leaving your online community engaged and happy.

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