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Unique Property Sales Video – for unique farm in the NSW Monaro

Unique property sales video used to sell this rural farm – “Knockalong” in the NSW Monaro.

This is a property sales video we created for the owners of Knockalong to help sell their rural farm estate in the Monaro, NSW using drone technology. The brief was to capture the essence and adventure of farm life, while maintaining a strong focus on the advanced water storage capabilities, which use a system of key lines carved out of the landscape to transfer water between dams scattered around the property, sometimes several kilometres from each other.

Thanks to our drone, which was a major draw card in this project, we were able to capture stunning landscape aerials.

Before embarking on this project, we conducted research on similar styles of videos that had already been shot. We found most rural property sales videos online almost never highlighted the different aspects of life on the land. By doing the opposite we’ve added tons of character to the rural estate. What’s more, the estate owners also wanted to try things differently with their real estate marketing, given their interest in targeting the Chinese market.

So with a bit of creativity and technology to support, we were able to portray sustainable farm life with a heightened sense of adventure.

UPDATE: Property was sold for a significant price that the vendors were very happy with. We like to think the video had something to do with that 🙂

Watch video now:

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