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top video marketing trends for 2018

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Top Video Marketing Trends for 2018

Video has catapulted to assume star status in every marketing-related activity and the trend is likely to only get bigger and better in 2018. So, what’s different, and what new tools are you going to try?  Is social media poised to get bigger for video content? Read on to find out more about the top video marketing trends for 2018.

Let’s find out…

The war of the social platforms

Last year, we noticed how Facebook was able to successfully outgrow several other social media networks.  Naturally, the platform is more serious about videos compared to most others. And now, with their latest introduction Facebook Watch, they are in the run to become the biggest video sharing platform as well, competing neck to neck with YouTube.  Facebook Watch will feature long-form shows, both live and original and can be viewed on desktops, laptops and TV apps.  What’s better is that Watch is personalized, so you can discover new shows based on what you’re friends and online communities are watching.  For online publishers, Watch looks like an excellent platform to build following and revenue, given how Facebook shares 55% of its ad revenue with them.

Our tip: You’ll want to start strategizing and thinking of a plan for Facebook Watch to build your own audience or collaborate with other influencers. Facebook Watch is likely to hit the market soon this year.

Introducing Watch

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, August 9, 2017


How-to videos on Quora

The king of Q&A, Quora has joined the video bandwagon with their latest feature that allows you to post video answers to questions.  With this feature, Quora naturally plans to capture the market of how-to videos and steal all relevant traffic from YouTube. Here’s how Quora is doing it.

top video marketing trends for 2018


Live video collabs will be hot in 2018

Among the top video marketing trends for 2018, live video collaborations are really looking hot this year. Instagram for instance has launched a feature that lets you go live with a friend, taking the concept of a live video collab to an all new level.  So while you have this live face-to-face conversation, your followers are able to not only watch, but also engage directly with you.  This level of collaboration will in turn also attract new followers and result in tons of organic growth for both collaborators.  It’s a good idea to add video collaboration into your marketing strategy. Make it a once-a-week activity and watch your follower base grow.
top video marketing trends for 2018

Live streaming

Live videos were big last year and 1 in every 5 Facebook videos was a live video. As it turns out, almost 13% of web traffic from videos is on account of live videos. The trend has grown exponentially over the last year and is here to stay. Why do they work? You see, live videos are fairly economical to produce; plus they’re spontaneous, interactive and authentic, which viewers love. Did you know that viewers spend three times longer watching live videos in comparison to their recorded counterparts?


360-degree videos

This was a huge trend in 2017 with almost 86% businesses relying on 360 video to accelerate their marketing activities. However, this trend is likely to explode in 2018. Thanks to the numerous tech innovations and new equipment, these videos have become more cost-effective and less difficult to produce.


Square videos

Given that more and more people are now consuming videos on their smartphones; video formats are also experiencing a shift, depending on the social channels. Traditionally, horizontal formats have been popular, but with the shift to phones and tablets, video marketers are now thinking vertical or square. Square videos can be seen occupying almost 78% more space in the Facebook News Section , thereby also resulting in higher levels of engagement.


And with everything said and done, video is a trend that shows no signs of receding.  It will remain an incredibly valuable marketing tool in 2018, so plan well. Our top video marketing trends for 2018, is a handy guide to help you glide through your video plans for the year. And as always, if you’re looking to partner with the pros and put together a video that grows engagement and revenue, we’re happy to help. Write in to [email protected] today.

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