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Top 5 videos to include your VM strategy

CISCO has pointed that by 2021, video marketing will make up for 82% of all global Internet traffic. And that’s why a strategic video marketing plan is key to ensuring a higher ROI on your marketing efforts. But what are the best video to grab your prospects’ attention and lead them down the marketing-sales funnel? What will make the most sense to them? What are the hottest videos to create for your business?

We bring you the top 5 videos to boost your video marketing initiatives.

Social Media Videos

These are typically the videos you’ll be sharing on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Statistics point out that 55% people watch online videos every day while social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares when compared to texts and images.  Social media videos are highly shareable and will help boost brand awareness and create engagement.

How-to videos

These are educational videos, ideal during the top of the funnel stages. These are videos that teach and instruct your audience and show them how to get something done. So, if you’re a marketer looking to add video content to your strategy this year, there is a ton of value in creating videos where you get your audience to learn to do something.

Testimonial videos

Social proof is a powerful motivator in influencing purchase decisions. This is why capturing positive feedback or a testimonial in the form of a video from an existing customer is such a good idea.  Since videos have a retention rate of nearly 95% when compared to text which is only 12%, a well-executed testimonial video will hit all the sweet spots and increase top of mind status for your prospective customers.

Product video

HubSpot has found that nearly 90% users prefer product videos when making a purchase. Product videos are great to demonstrate features and well as benefits to a prospective customer. A concise and relevant video will give your prospects enough understanding of your company and its offerings, ultimately growing brand engagement and stimulating purchase. Make the most of this opportunity.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are powerful because they rely on telling a compelling story about your product or brand to your prospective customer. So whether it’s a simple product or a complex piece of software that you’re looking to sell, an explainer video could do a stunning job of telling your story. Animated explainers are extremely popular these days as they work to educate and entertain viewers. Consider using an explainer on your landing page to grow conversion rates by 80%.


So, there you have it…the 5 top videos to boost your video marketing strategy in 2019. At Two Story, we bring you our expertise in creating custom video content that aligns with your marketing goals. Drop us a line on and get started today.


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