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In this age of social media, content is truly king. As a marketing professional, you need to keep your audience engaged with fresh content – and video still gets the most eyeballs with users worldwide watching videos 84 minutes a day on average.

Videos are not only eye-catching for your social media pages, they can also help attract, convince, and retain your client base in many stages of your marketing funnel, whether it’s through your website, sales pitches, electronic direct mail, and even branding campaigns.

It can be a challenge to navigate the production process. You need all the support you can get to create quality video content that truly represents your brand. With a professional video production company on speed dial, you can save time, energy, and even money – and they can easily integrate with your marketing strategy for the quarter or year.


1. Keep the content flowing.


You plan your marketing calendar and budget months or even a year ahead – so you’ll have an idea of how much content you’ll need in advance. Getting a retainer is one step closer to making sure all the content you planned will be produced – and made in the same quality. Let’s say you have 10 videos planned for the year – a production company on retainer can help you strategise, produce, and release those videos on schedule. Isn’t that much better for your pipeline than hiring 10 production companies whom you’ll have to brief, liaise with, and monitor for quality and brand consistency?


2. Save time on procurement and briefing


As a marketer, your time is valuable. You want to spend it wisely and be sure that you’re getting the best results possible. If you had a video production company on retainer, they can do the heavy lifting in creating content while you focus on the aspects of your job. It’s like having another team work for you in the marketing department – but without having to deal with staffing and overhead costs. 

The good thing about having a retainer is you only need to hire and brief one production company for a quarter or year’s worth of video content – and avoid hours spent in procurement and briefing a new agency for every new project. That’s working smart – not hard.


3. Better quality content


Working with a production company is like any relationship – it gets better with time. And with a better relationship comes better quality as well for your content. When you work with a production company on a regular basis, they’ll gain a better understanding of your brand and your work style so they can improve the quality of their videos. Once everyone is in the groove of things, the content creation process becomes more instinctive and fun for everyone – and this will reflect in the content.


Getting a video production company on retainer is an investment for your brand – but one that’s well worth it if done right. It can help you churn out content more regularly, make the procurement process more efficient, and most importantly, produce better quality videos that can have exponential value for your brand.


If you’re looking for a corporate video production partner in Sydney, Two Story Video Production is at your service. A small but creative production company, we value our working relationships with our clients and produce high-quality and, high-impact content. We currently have clients who are engaged with us on a retainer basis, so we can walk you through the process and share in more detail how this setup has been beneficial to them. Chat with us about your next marketing video or ask us about our retainer packages.

Email us at or give us a call at 0415 292 600 to get started.

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