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Timelapse + Highlights Video: Aktiv Dynamic Training Solutions

We recently partnered with Aktiv Dynamic Training Solutions to create a Timelapse + Highlights Video. It showcases the installation of Aktiv’s training facilities at their brand’s new showroom in Banksmeadow, Sydney. Aimed at growing brand awareness for Aktiv, the video brings the installation process to life through an engaging time-lapse capture, shot over multiple days. The other aspect of this video is the detail footage, which highlights design features of the final gym set-up.

All the time-lapse footage was captured using a GoPro Hero 4 and intervalometer, over the course of the install (3-4 days).

The other equipment includes:

1 x Canon 5DMark iv

Various lenses (24-70, 70-200, 16-35)

1 x tripod, Camera slider, 1x monopod

1 x LED panel and light stand

We’ve added in all the creative sound & visual effects and used Adobe Premiere Pro CC for all post-production editing . For sound mixing, we’ve used Adobe Audition CC.

In terms of capturing Aktiv’s Training Solutions, i.e. amplifying training areas with functional design, this timelapse + highlights video hits the sweet spot. What’s more, it works to build trust and credibility, by showcasing a typical installation workflow through the time-lapse.

Watch video now:

The client was very pleased with the final output and plans on utilising this video to showcase their work to potential clients. It will also be promoted on their online platforms, while making presentations for gym partnerships.

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