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How to Create Great Video Content that Makes Your Business Stand Out

As marketers or business owners, making a real connection with your audience is key to growing your online presence and sales. And, that’s why creating impactful content that connects with every stage of the buyer’s journey is key. Sure, video is all the rage and has been proven to produce the right kind of results for businesses. But, just how do you create great video content that makes a difference? You see, not all types of videos will work for you. So, what key formula do you need to keep in mind to help your content stand out, speak to your prospective buyers and ultimately bring in more customers?

We’ve got a few suggestions if you’re up for it…

The 4 Elements of Great Video Content

# Keep it engaging: Storytelling is a powerful way of initiating conversations between your brand and your audience. Why? Because nothing piques the human interest and imagination better than a good story. It increases recall value and will help bolster engagement rates. The idea is to make sure your video tells a story, even if it’s a really simple one. A case study is a great way to do this. Start with a problem or challenge and showcase how you resolved it. The following video tells a relatable story about the challenges and difficulties business owners tend to face without financial planning and sheds light on an effective solution.

# Get your audience emotionally invested: Leverage the power of emotion to help your videos sing. You can elicit laughter, inspiration, even tug at your viewer’s heartstrings through your videos. This will ultimately stimulate them to go down the path you’ve intended for them in the sales cycle. To come up with content that takes your customer on an emotional journey, think of how you want your audience to feel after watching your video. Consider taking the emotional component into consideration during the planning stages to hit the nail on the head as far as audience connectivity is concerned.

# Inform and Educate: Learning through video is all the rage. People love videos that can show them or teach them about how something can be done or solved.  How-to videos for instance are extremely powerful and amazing when to comes deepening bonds with your audience. You could be explaining a concept, showing a step-by-step tutorial or sharing advice on topics your audience may not know a lot about. When you take the approach of an educator, viewers are able to learn something and in return are happy to pick your brand over a competitor’s.

Here’s an example to illustrate the point better


# Pepper with a hint of empathy: Great video content is also about getting into the shoes of your audience and showing them that you understand their experiences and challenges and have a way to address them. To do this, you want to be profiling your audience and tapping into their pain-points or desires before getting down to planning your video script. Empathy is a powerful component in your video mix and could be instrumental in helping your audience take the next logical step in the sales cycle. People love it when then can tell that you understand them.

Ideally, you want to be using at least two-three of the above-mentioned elements to ensure your video hits all the sweet spots with your audience.  And, if you need help creating great video content, write in to [email protected] today


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