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Give jobseekers an exclusive sneak peek into your company that they can’t resist


Let’s face it: these days, companies not only need to attract customers, they also need to attract the best employees to stay competitive and in tip-top shape. 


A recruitment video can be a great boost to your hiring process – and corporate communications in general. If you’re still not convinced, we listed some of the main reasons why you need to invest in a recruitment video for your company:

1. It answers the question – “Why should I work here?”


The ‘About Us’ page in your website can only say so much about your company. With company profiles getting more tedious to read, and attention spans getting shorter, a brief corporate recruitment video can say all you want to say about your company – and convince the viewer why they should work for you – in just a few minutes. Aside from answering the what and why, a great recruitment video can also show who you are as a company – through the people who give life to your company story.


2. It increases your chances of getting noticed by jobseekers


Did you know that job ads with videos get 34% more applicants than those without video, according to CareerBuilder? Aside from being a more engaging format than plain old text, a recruitment video helps jobseekers visualize themselves working for your company – and give them a more compelling reason to apply.


3. It’s a cross-functional tool for your organisation


A recruitment video may be called just that, but it can be a powerful communication tool that can be used beyond recruitment. It can be a marketing tool, giving the general public an insight into your company culture. It can also be used as an onboarding and training tool for fresh hires and even current employees. Your employees can even add it to their presentation as a visual aid when they talk about your company at industry events. 


Don’t miss out on hiring the best and brightest for your company by giving them as much information – and an emotional connection – through a standout recruitment video. We at Two Story love working with companies in creating their recruitment videos, and here’s a sample video we created to highlight a company’s work/life balance policies:

If you’re an Australia-based company and need help to get started, the team at Two Story Video Production can turn your vision into reality.  Just fill out this
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