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Testimonial Video for Design Team: Inside Retail Live 2017

Inside Retail Live is Australia’s phenomenal festival of retail ideas. Organised by Octomedia, the festival celebrated it’s first ever edition earlier in March this year.  It was a rare coming together of some of the best minds, brands and ideas in the retail industry and was conducted at the Sydney International Convention Centre. What’s interesting is that our client Design Team was commissioned by Octomedia and Inside Retail Live to design a brand experience  for its visitors and participants. We were present during the event to capture all their work in a testimonial video.

The video begins with a voice over that takes the viewer through the many design features and branding experiences crafted at the festival venue. It provides very extensive footage, so every design feature incorporated can be seen by the viewer.  What this does is starts building credibility for the brand, in the eyes of the prospect. They can see for real Design Team’s design prowess and the overall quality of finish. The video then continues with testimonials by staff members of Octomedia, who outline how Design Team helped solve their business problems by coming up with design solutions that helped enhance their customers’ experience at the festival.

For the shoot, we worked with:

  • 1x HDSLR camera, lenses, tripod, slider, glide cam
  • 1x shotgun mic and headphones for interviews, 1 x extra camera for B roll footage

The testimonial video is unique because it captures at length, the extent of Design Team’s creative work before diving into the testimonials.

Having worked with Design Team before, we were able to come up with a creative flow for the video. So, we focused first on capturing the features of Design Team’s work before getting started with the interviews and testimonials. By doing this, we’ve been able to make our client’s brand stand out and shine, without confusing the viewer at any stage of the video.

Watch the video now:

As always, we’re invested in ensuring your video is able to communicate your strengths and your problem-solving techniques clearly to your customers.

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