Two Story is a creative video production company based in Sydney. Our vision is to create engaging video content that inspires audience action.


Gareth Mauchline, Shadowspec Umbrellas NZ

“As a filmmaker and photographer myself, I wanted to make sure we got the best people for the job and Two Story really met all of those criteria. Because we are based in New Zealand and our client with the umbrellas was in Sydney, Two Story were really good because they jumped at the opportunity to manage the project from that side as well as produce the high-quality images and videos that we required. The whole experience was really easy. Two Story were very patient with us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. If you’re looking to find someone in Sydney or Australia that can help you manage a video shoot from here in New Zealand, or I guess anywhere in the world.”

  •  Gareth Mauchline, Shadowspec Umbrellas NZ, Content Specialist