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Super & Women: Financial Tips Video from NGS Super

In one of our latest gigs with Gillespie Advertising for NGS Super, we’ve worked on an interesting financial tips video targeting women. The video has Dascia Bennett, Head of Customer Services at NGS Super, speaking to her audience and sharing Super tips to  change their lives.

The video effectively addresses the problems many women face of insufficient Super savings on retirement and how they can be addressed. She points out the disparity in savings between men and women and the reasons for them before suggesting effective solutions that can bridge the gap.

How we created this financial tips video

As the chosen video production company, we came on board at a critical time to help shape the look and feel of the video to help convey their messaging in the most effective manner.

We proposed a 2-camera set-up in an office-style setting with a white brick wall background. We did this because we wanted Dascia as a formal businesswoman juxtaposed in front of a casual background to set an approachable tone.

We also utilised a green screen back-drop as the clients desired a similar approach aligned with their previous videos for the brand.

Lighting the green screen is always a challenge, but with prior research and experience under our belt we could light it up just right.

The other thing that we had work around was a short time-frame for turning in the final video over to the client. We were able to deliver effectively on this front as well, without compromising on quality.

All the editing workflow was completed in Adobe Suite utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro. Green screen effects and motion graphics were also completed in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The video is up on their website and other online video platforms such as YouTube, for maximising visibility and engagement.

You can watch the video right now

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