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how to tell a good story with video

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How to use storytelling to power your video marketing 

Stories have captured the interest and imagination of people since time immemorial. Why? Because stories are inherently about how we think and make meaning of life. And yet, good storytelling is often ignored in most marketing today. This is especially so with videos today!

When you tell a good story, your audience becomes emotionally invested in your brand. And that is a weapon that marketers can use in their visual marketing strategy to leverage their brand value.

Remember: The idea is to engage the viewer and hold their attention to your story. The product/service as such, is just sold passively here. 

In fact, an article by Pamela Rutledge about, ‘The Psychological Power of Storytelling’ explains how, ‘stories are authentic human experiences.’

So what are some of the benefits of telling a good story?

  • Great storytelling in video will convey your brand’s personality and help it shine. You can illustrate with your stories, what your brand can do to solve your audience’s problems, without screaming the benefits out loud.
  • When you tell a story that resonates with your audience, you break through that massive content clutter and become memorable. Y our audience cannot help but sit up and take notice.
  • Good storytelling in video will bring your brand to the forefront and help you single out from other competitors whose marketing messages are sale-sy at best. Remember: Sleazy, sale-sy content will only have your audience tune out, in a matter of seconds.
  • Another benefit  is that it will help build trust and remind your prospects that your brand is capable of delivering quality results.
  • Since stories are about human experiences, they will connect with your audience at a level that standard marketing messages won’t.

So how do you leverage the power of storytelling in video?

Always think strategy first: Strategy is the oft forgotten and yet most important part of your overall marketing activity. A good strategy will sustain your video marketing goals; it will help you measure performance, create room for improvement and inevitably promote growth. Without a strategy your content will fall apart. Remember: You can pay for reach, more clicks, but you cannot pay for attention or engagement. While storytelling is an excellent tool in your marketing kitty, without a strategy your brand value will not sustain.

Now let’s explore the elements of what constitutes a good story

  • Keep it topical: Craft your video messages around things that matter in the present. Is your audience looking out for the information that you’re dishing out with your videos?
  • Make it relevant: The measure of your video’s success will always be about how well the stories you create resonate with the problems of your audience.
  • Think unusual: An unexpected twist on the old and familiar evokes surprise and even attention.
  • Introduce trouble: Showcasing conflict and then providing the way out can be a very interesting way to tell a story.
  • Use empathy:  Help people feel what they want to feel. Put your audience at the heart of your story and you will see how it keeps them coming back for more.
  • Maintain authenticity: It’s important to build trust with your audience to invoke their loyalty. And so, content authenticity is key in building brand credibility.

Pamela Rutledge, from the same article, makes an important point. She says, “When organisations, causes, brands or individuals identify and develop a core story, they create and display authentic meaning and purpose that others can believe, participate with, and share.”

Also remember this: Understand what you’re really here to do. The key takeaway from any successful business out there is that: They are passionate about the approach they bring to solving their customers’ problems. And that passion is the story that people are interested in hearing. Use it as the starting point of what you do from a content perspective, and watch it make all the difference to your business.

Once you have a storyline and script in place, choose the pros to execute your vision. At Two Story, we believe that every good story deserves amazing production quality. We also understand that video marketing serves a larger business goal. Which is why, we’re so passionate about what we do. Write to us and tell us your story, today!


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