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Stop Motion Video Campaign

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Stop Motion Video Campaign: Brother Printers & Labellers

Brother Printers & Labellers are known prominently for selling printers, labellers, fax machines, scanners, etc.  To start their year off with a bang, they wanted to create a short online video campaign focusing on how labeling makes organising better and also brings style back to one’s work spaces. Amazingly, the timing of this ad aligned with schools re-opening in the New Year after the summer break. For this project, they commissioned The Wow Factor to come up with all the creative concepts. The agency approached Two Story to execute a stop motion video campaign for the same.


The brief for us was to create a visually engaging stop motion video campaign. With a back-to-school themed concept, the idea was to make organizing school and office stationery using labels, look important and thoroughly efficient.

How we did it

We pre-visualised stop motion sequences in pre-production phase using excel and an industry standard stop motion program called Dragon Frame.

A wide variety of equipment found their application during the production and shooting phase of this project

  • An HD SLR Camera, studio tripod and 24-70mm lenses
  • A small LED panel, with one studio overhead soft-box light
  • Props
  • A tethered cable to laptop and camera body for stop motion captures

During post-production, the images captured on Dragon Frame were compiled on Adobe Premiere Pro to create the video. We also created the title cards for this video, while logos were provided by Brother.


Stop motion is a painstaking process. It requires patience and lots of planning and we needed to create 180 individual frames (for a 15 second final video). The moving items on the screen had to be moved after each photo (millimeters at a time). It took 2 x days to plan, one day to shoot and a week to edit.

Take a look at the final video right here

The Wow Factor & Brother loved the final video and shared it on their online marketing platforms. The timing of this ad generated a lot of traction for the brand, and we’re happy to have contributed to its success.

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