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Starting Out With Video Marketing? Here’s The Get It Right Guide

It’s one of those things we see and read everywhere on the web. The slogan: Switch to video is not only popular in a manner of speaking, the results and ROI with the use of video in brand marketing prove this point too. Marketers using video have been able to grow revenue 49% faster than non-users. And while research reveals that audiences still love reading blog and news content, truth is, they also want to view more video content.

If you haven’t yet forayed into this space, the process of starting out with video marketing can feel a bit daunting. After all, it’s a lot of unknown territory. How do you start creating videos that work to effectively share your brand’s messages? What process do you follow? What’s the first video you should be making? We’ll be discussing that and more in this brand-new blog today.

Starting out with video marketing: Know the basics

 Before you can start working on fleshing out an idea and concept for your video, determine the final goal. We’ve put together a few questions, you should be asking yourself as a business before you make your first video.

#1 What resources do I have at my disposal?

–> It’s important to determine if you have a team of audio/video professionals in-house, who are skilled in filming and editing videos? If not, do you prefer doing this yourself?

–> If yes, are you skilled enough to take on the responsibility?

–> If not, do you have the budget to hire an external video producer? We’ve got an extensive price list for video packages, you might want to consider.

–>Are you aware of the timelines to prep, produce, edit and promote these videos?

#2 Where in your marketing funnel does the video make most sense

Not all marketing videos are made equal. No one video will work during the different stages of your marketing funnel, which is why it’s important to identify the type of video content most suited for a specific stage.

Typically, the marketing funnel comprises of 4 stages:

Attract –> Convert –> Close –> Delight

In the attract stage, which is at the top of the funnel, you’re typically faced with issues of attracting leads. And that’s why an explainer animated video could be a great way to draw attention and get more people to organically find your business via blogs, social media and other online platforms. Explainer videos are effective, if you’re starting out with video, because they’ll answer specific audience queries and motivate viewers to watch until the end, and then hopefully convert. Here’s a great example of an explainer video, talking about explainer videos:

During the Convert stage, you want to be helping leads move further down the funnel and here’s where you can entice them with an offer or free trial. But what if you’re facing trouble helping leads take the next step.  Consider a demo/product video at this stage, so leads feel more comfortable about moving forward in the sales cycle. The demo video could showcase how your products can be used to achieve desirable outcomes for specific business problems. Show don’t tell: Is the motto to remember.

If you’re looking to create video content to appeal to leads who are at the Close stage in your funnel, you may want to take them through a case study video or even a testimonial, that strengthens their resolve. Social proof is incredibly powerful and it’s something you shouldn’t overlook, if you’re starting out with video marketing.

If you’ve closed on the sale and convinced your customer to take the next step, but are struggling to keep them engaged and delighted, a how- to video is your go-to mantra. Customers are always looking for ways to do something quickly and like to look for answers than can help them do it. Your how-to video could showcase how your customer could solve a problem on their own with help and information showcased in the video. This type of video doesn’t always have to be about your brand or product, it could be about any useful topic that is of value to your customer.  Here’s a great example…


Also consider where you want to be sharing your videos for achieving the desired outcomes. YouTube, blogs or social media platforms work amazingly well attract leads and visitors to your website.  For leads that you’re looking to convert, email campaigns are effective, as are landing page videos. During the close stage, when your sales team is trying to convert prospects into customers, YouTube and social media platforms work to promote your brand’s content effectively.

Side note: In addition to these, live videos are all the rage today. Live videos provide brands with the unique opportunity of interacting with leads and prospects in real time in turn boosting brand credibility and authenticity.

Starting out with video is the best business decision you’ll make today, if you haven’t already. Do you need a professional hand to guide the process? If yes, write in today:



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