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Event Video Marketing – Somfy at SuperExpo 2019

At the recently-concluded trade exhibition SuperExpo 2019, home automation brand Somfy stirred oodles of attention with their exceptional branding and amazing product portfolio. With a lot of positive feedback surrounding their presence at a number of trade events in the past, it made perfect sense for the brand to create some fresh marketing content from SuperExpo as well.

Given the history of us working together, Somfy reached out for photography and video services. In all, we’ve captured one event highlights video + testimonial video from clients/visitors. We’ve also done all their event photography at SuperExpo.

Mary MAIDIOTIS Marketing Executive

What business need would the videos solve?

For existing clients, Somfy wanted to do a quick refresh and reinforce brand value. For potential clients, the highlights video serves to showcase what Somfy is capable of as a brand and the problems they help solve with their home automation products.

The process we followed?

The main thing for us was to understand the hours that would prove most productive from capturing all the action at the event. We captured a bunch of natural interactions between visitors and staff, as well as shots of visitors engaging with products on stand, staff engaging with visitors, products, stand features, presenters and speakers.  We also worked with the client to line up the testimonials – our main aim to ensure interviewees felt relaxed and the audio was crystal clear. 

Where was the video content shared?

We created video content that could be used on multiple platforms – social media, Vimeo/Youtube as well as in EDMs and blogs. 

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What Somfy thought about our work

“We love working with Duane and his team and have done so for many years. The minute I know we have an event coming up which would require photography and videography, I contact Two Story. Duane is always friendly, prompt and efficient, while his team on the ground are the perfect professionals. They share our vision and work closely with us to create content that amplifies our message.” – Mary Maidiotis, Marketing Executive, Somfy.

The Somfy Team at SuperExpo 2019

Your takeaway

For those who didn’t attend, creating a highlights video is literally the best way to drive future sales (think FOMO – fear of missing out). Both the highlight and testimonial videos for Somfy reinvigorates the feels attendees experienced in person. 

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