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Social Media Videos: Guide for Facebook, YouTube & Twitter

Videos are all the rage on social media and with good reason. They’re engaging and entertaining and a lot easier to process than reading paragraphs of text. And just like everyone else, your customers too are watching tons of social media videos too. Both Facebook and Snapchat have a recorded high of 8 billion daily views. YouTube has 1 billion-plus users watching hours of video every day.

This begs the question; can social media videos really help businesses succeed? The answer is yes. You see, social media posts with videos can help boost views by almost 48%. This simply means that the more people view your content on social media, the more likely it is that they will end up visiting your website.

And, anyone who is not creating videos and sharing them is losing out on tons of opportunity to make themselves visible and noticed.

Today video for social media is top priority for brands and influencers everywhere.  And yet, there’s the obvious barrier for creating this video content largely because brands and businesses require resources, equipment, video editing skills.

The good news is that we have the expertise and the resources to help you overcome these basic barriers. What you need is to focus on working towards content that resonates with your audience. What the content is, and how it will differ from one social platform to another, is something we will explore in this blog post.


Videos for Facebook

Facebook is all about video that is fun, shareable and emotional.  In fact Facebook’s new algorithm now lays special emphasis on video content, directly implying more organic reach and growth for marketers.

If you’re interested in video advertising, Facebook now helps brands target potential customers with metrics like personal interest, locations, website visitors and more.

All in all, it’s a great time to create videos for Facebook.

social media videos


Here’s what you should remember when you do:

  1. Craft a story that your audience will love. Customise your message and don’t forget to add captions. In fact, according to Facebook, video ads with closed captions can generate up to 12% more video watch-time, when compared to those without.
  2. Inspirational videos can bring your brand more shares and engagement. Speak from the heart and put it together with some interesting music for full impact.
  3. Teach your audience. Give them a quick tip, or show them something useful. They’ll reward you with more shares and engagement.
  4. Facebook is an excellent platform to entertain. You can always post informal behind-the-scenes videos of activities around your office. Something fun and engaging will always go the mile.
  5. Always use high-resolution format videos. 720p or 1080p is ideal
  6. The first few seconds of the video are crucial. As people browse through their newsfeed, your video content should be able to pique their interest.‘
  7. It’s important that you tell a good story. It’s not so much about how long or short your video needs to be. A good story will keep your audience hooked till the end.
  8. Make it professional with tight editing and great lighting.
  9. A powerful headline will always go the mile in attracting more viewers, particularly during live FB video sessions.


Videos for YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and processes almost 3 billion searches per month. While content that is relevant to your audience is key when sharing videos on YouTube, the other important part is optimizing these videos with captions, descriptions and tags to make it more discoverable.


social media videos


When creating videos for YouTube, always remember to:

  1. Find your niche. When you create content that only speaks to your niche, you’re likely to fare better than people targeting all and sundry.
  2. Remember to optimize for Mobiles. More and more users will access these videos from a mobile app. Make sure you’re creating and uploading videos keeping mobile in mind
  3. Write great titles. Use appropriate keywords and create titles that are short and sweet.
  4. Add captions because YouTube videos with captions and subtitles will enjoy 40% more views
  5. Video descriptions and tags will also help improve your SEO rankings.


Videos for Twitter

Twitter is constantly innovating its video platform, bringing new ways for brands to add and share videos. Turns out, more than 82% Twitter users will watch social video content on Twitter.  So how do you make your videos succeed?


social media videos


  1. Use Twitter to share events as they happen. Twitter events can really boost interactivity, especially among followers who couldn’t be there.
  2. Run a contest that encourages user-generated content. Ask your followers to contribute a video. Consider what you’d like the topic of the video content to be and promote your request. Always remember to give your users a unique hashtag to use when their share their Twitter video, so you can find them easily.
  3. For better engagement, how-to videos, Q&A sessions, customer testimonials often work very well. Like Facebook, native videos will also autoplay on Twitter. In fact native videos will drive more engagement; 2.5 times more replies and 2.8 times more re-tweets.
  4. Consider text within your video, as this can contribute towards creating more visual interest and hold the viewer’s attention.
  5. Also remember to use unique hashtags and mentions (@username) when posting a video, so that it gets the attention of influencers in that category.
  6. Consider replying to tweets via video. This will keep the conversation going in a more personal way.

Now go forth and create epic social video content for your audience. Video marketing is an excellent way to promote engagement and growth for your business on social media. Experiment with video and find out what your audience enjoys most.

And talk to us if you need us to help you create videos. Write in [email protected]

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