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Structured Change Corporate Video

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Selling your Services by combining Video and Stock Photos

Recent project: Structured Change videos x 4 (video + stock photos)


Structured Change combines the fundamentals of Asset Management (Value), the process of Change Management (Influence) and the structure of Management Systems (Assurance) to deliver sustained value for their clients.


It is our goal to use video as a key marketing strategy for corporate brands such as Structured Change, who want to use the power of storytelling to compel and connect with their audiences. Structured Change needed to communicate a set of service products in an easy to understand way. Their directors – Martin Kerr and Sara Whitmore came to us for a video solution to this problem.

We agreed on a combination of piece to camera footage, and stock images to best illustrate this.

Stock photos that relate to what you’re saying are a great way to keep viewers interested and make it easier for your audience to comprehend. We animate the images during the editing process so it gives the effect of video footage.

Stock Photography is also a great way to speed up the turnaround time as there’s less production time.We can help with selecting the best content for your video.


Great video content requires careful planning and intention at every stage of the production process.

With Sarah and Martin, we took great care to organise the logistics of the shoot and we collaborated together to work through the stock footage to ensure this would help compliment and communicate each service offerring.


We setup a green screen with background lights, then we lit the subjects, and used a single camera combined with lapel mics. The background would be replaced with stock images during the post production phase.


4 x Videos: Asset Management, Management System Core,

Change Management Core, Asset Management Workshop

Mp4 (16×9 Format)

Quote from client:

“I would like to thank Two Story for their work on our videos who came in ahead of time and have done a great job!” Martin Kerr, Director, Structured Change

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