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promotional video for delta energy systems australia

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Promotional Video For Delta Energy Systems Australia

It our year-end series for the blog and here’s an up close and personal look at one of the gigs we’ve finished recently. This is a promotional video for Delta Energy Systems Australia showcasing their inverter energy system. The product and video were unveiled at All Energy 2017, Australia’s most comprehensive clean and renewable energy event.

In our race towards a more greener, sustainable planet, The Delta E5 Hybrid Energy Inverter helps address the problem of energy security. The video delves into the product’s finer nuances while also showcasing how the inverter provides an efficient energy storage solution given the growing demand and need for renewable energy.

Planning for the shoot was an extensive process. Two Story Director, Duane liaised with the client sharing detailed plans of pre and production ideas and concepts.

In pre-production phase, the Two Story team created storyboards, scripts and mood boards to help communicate our ideas with Delta.

Filming occurred in various locations around NSW in the suburbs of Lidcombe, Royal National Park, Seacliff Bridge, Botany Bay, Maroubra, Bondi & North Sydney.

Equipment utilised included:

  • Canon 5D MKIV BODY, 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 35cine, 85cine lenses,
  • Slider, Monopod, Fluid video camera head attachment
  • 1 x LED light panel, tripod, light stands, reflectors
  • Mavic DJI Drone for aerial work

It was a fun experience showcasing a modern Australian family that will no doubt rely more heavily on renewable energy usage, and in doing so, contribute to a greener planet. The client loved the final video because they believe that it communicated effectively everything that brand Delta Energy Systems Australia stand for.

Watch video now:

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