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Gamification and augmented reality (AR) are some of the emerging trends that are disrupting the marketing industry, and an Australian startup is creating a fun, interactive way for brands to engage with their consumers, similar to what Pokemon GO has done for mobile games.


XRii’s augmented reality scavenger hunt app took centre stage at Advertising Week APAC 2023 in Sydney, showcasing the power of AR to revolutionise the advertising industry. And Two Story was invited to capture all of the action through a case study video.


XRii and Two Story went around the iconic Luna Park in Sydney where the event was happening to talk to random people who were using the app and ask them about their experience. The final video combined the elements of a product demo and a client testimonial into one impactful case study video.


Case study videos are a powerful tool to show your potential clients what your product or service is, and how they can benefit from it, especially if it’s new and never been seen before.


By seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds, XRii’s augmented reality app provided a new dimension of engagement for brands and consumers alike. And XRii provides a bespoke and powerful B2B service that allows brands to design their own AR-based scavenger hunt for their events and activations.


Two Story’s case study video for XRii’s AdWeek scavenger hunt offers a mere glimpse into unlimited possibilities of interactions and engagement that brands can get from their consumers by working with XRii and this new technology.


If you have a new product or service to offer, Two Story can assist in crafting your narrative with a case study video. Email today to learn more.

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