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Project Feature: Cabinetti Product Photography Suite


While most of our clients know us for our video production work, not everyone may be aware that Two Story actually started as a photography business. And so it brings us great pride and joy when clients ask us to collaborate on photography projects that allow us to return to our roots. And this latest project with our client, Cabinetti, is no different.


The client:


Cabinetti is the distributor of Italian-made timber veneers used for architecture and interior design.


The brief:


Our client from Cabinetti asked us to produce a suite of images for their new website. They needed a variety of shots for each product, including profile end section shots, isometric view shots, and flat lay shots. Each product needed to cut out and placed on a white background with a drop shadow in a very specific size and look. There was also a time crunch involved as they had a target date to launch the website.


The process:


The Two Story team set out to work on creating the best images of Cabinetti’s timber panels. We opted to shoot with cleaning lighting in a studio to create a uniform look based on the client’s brief and guidelines. Product photography, which at first glance looks less stressful and has less logistics involved, can be quite meticulous and painstaking as each product needs to look pristine and on-brand. Photography took a whole day and was followed by two days of photo post-production.


The challenge:


There are two critical factors to this project that the Two Story team had to get right. First is consistency across all products, so when they sit next to each other (website ecommerce site, brochure or catalogue), they all look uniform  – lighting, composition, brightness/contrast, and colour correction. This is achieved with a studio lighting setup in a controlled environment. The second factor is Texture. Capturing the products’ texture is only achieved by understanding how to correctly light the item.  This is only achieved by specific lighting in a studio environment using the right equipment and techniques.


The result:


A fresh new suite of photographs that feature their products effectively and match the company’s new website.


Whether you are looking to create a fresh suite of images for your latest website, or a video that encapsulates your marketing objectives, Two Story Photo and Video is at your humble service. Contact us today to learn more about our rates and offerings. 


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