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Client Video Testimonials – why your business needs them

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Client Video Testimonials – 3 reasons every business should have them

Here’s 3x Reasons why your business should use them for your digital marketing:

it’s PERSONAL: Having a real person who tells a very personal story about their business problems and solutions makes for a very powerful emotion magnet.

it BUILDS TRUST: Today word-of-mouth marketing has become more relevant than ever. When real people vouch for your products or services in video testimonials; it builds trust and creates authenticity. It makes your brand credible.

it’s POWERFUL: Videos are easier for the brain to process and function as effective persuasion tools to convert leads to customers. ROI is significantly higher.

What’s more video testimonials are easy to share on your website, social media platforms and other spaces on the web, and can give you all the traction your business needs.

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