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Case Study Video for Maxell at the Museum of Brisbane

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Maxell and Nightlife Case Study Video – High Rotation, Museum of Brisbane

Museum of Brisbane collaborated with Nightlife and Maxell in featuring three decades of popular Brisbane music from 1989 to 2019 at the High Rotation exhibition from 30 August 2019- 19 April 2020.

Nightlife is an Australian music specialist brand that provides businesses with curated musical experiences. Maxell is the world class producer that provides high quality consumer electronic equipments.

The Museum chose to work with Nightlife and Maxell to create an unforgettable musical experience that employs cutting edge technology to elevate visitor’s experience.

The video captured by Two Story outlines the experiences, complexities and solutions of Maxell and Nightlife working together in an exhibition space. This task allowed Two Story to project Maxell’s innovative, reliable and highly engineered projection technologies.

Two Story created video content that could be used on multiple platforms – social media, Vimeo/YouTube as well as in EDMs and blogs.

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