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Press Release – Animated Video for Hitachi and NSW Govt

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Animated Video press release for Hitachi and the NSW Government

We were asked to create an animated press release video to announce an agreement between Hitachi and the New South Wales state government to establish “Kyoso Centre (collaborative creation centre)” to accelerate the createion of social innovation. The video would be shown during a joint press conference with the Hon Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of New South Wales.

The main objective for the video was to provide a brief explantion of the partnership between Hitachi and NSW govt, and to outline the strategic benefits and desired outcomes of the joint venture.

Some of the key elements were to include:

  • Promotion social innovation
  • Encourage rapid development around the Badgery’s creek area
  • Accelerate growth of start-up companies and SME’s through open collaborative discussions
  • Advance economic development and boost job creation
  • Confirming Hitachi’s commitment to realising Premier Gladys Berijiklian’s desire for a “Strong Economy”
  • Improving quality of life by revolutionising Western Sydney into Australia’s 1st Human Centric Smart Cities to embed interoperable smart and secure technology


Our brief was to bring all this information together in an engaging and interesting way. We created 2D animated scenes that were complimentary to the story of; empowerment, research and development, social innovation and community. Once the scenes were created, we used kinetic typography to animate text overlays to help bring the video to life! Timeframe for the project was a four (4) day turnaround, including revisions. We delivered a professional video for the client on time whilst achieving all the project objectives!

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