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4 ways to optimise for video marketing success

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4 Ways to Optimise Your Videos for Video Marketing Success

The video is an integral part of all content marketing today, and with good reason. Videos inspire brand awareness, engagement, lead nurturing and help stimulate sales during the different stages of the marketing-sales funnel. In short: Video can prove the ROI on your brand marketing efforts. Which is why today’s blog will talk you through some of the most effective ways to optimise your videos for success.

1. Include a compelling thumbnail:

If you’re looking to grow viewership and attracting audience attention, the first step is to create an eye-catching thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first point of interaction between your audience and your video content. It is what will motivate or inspire them to click through and watch. One useful technique for your thumbnails to look more appealing is to feature happy human faces. Our brains are hard-wired to respond positively to these pictures. Also, ensure a consistent brand image by using colours that align with your brand.

2. SEO is a must:

Optimising for SEO is critical to get your video in front of as many people as possible. Use appropriate titles that represent your content accurately.

3. Make an introduction video:

If you’re looking to host a webinar, (an excellent lead-gen tactic), you’ll want to make a short introduction video to help the viewer get an idea of what they’re signing up for. Also, it’s a great way to introduce the webinar and tell your audience what they stand to learn through it.

4. Don’t forget the CTA:

To optimise your videos, add a CTA at the end. A CTA is what will lead your audience to take the next logical step and help them move down further in the sales funnel. We’re recommending image CTAs, as they’ve been shown to perform better than their textual counterparts.


Optimising your video is key to video marketing success. Do you have any tricks and techniques you follow that helps you optimise your video content? Leave a comment here and join the conversation today.

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