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optimise your video spend

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How to optimise your video spend

Today, video is the No.1 way to connect with your customers, prospects, viewers and followers.  In fact, an effective video strategy can ensure one of the highest ROI’s for your business’ digital marketing plan. There are reasons why videos are so effective. For starters, it is an extremely versatile medium and lets you tell your story any way you like. It is engaging and people will prefer watching a video over reading paragraphs of text. Videos are also excellent to establish excellent recall value. And while producing a professional, technically-sound and effective video involves elaborate effort and money, there is still a lot you can do to optimise your video spend.

Research, research

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creating video content. This is largely because of your target audiences. You have to tailor your videos based on who you’re reaching out to and what message you’d like to convey to them. So, at the very outset, it’s important to research thoroughly and determine the kind of content that will appeal to your audience the most. This will help you in a big way to optimise your production costs.

Make it about emotion

Videos are all about evoking emotion from your audience members. If you’ve noticed, people are generally most inspired to act on an emotion, as opposed to a fact. A great idea is to work on a compelling script or story line that will communicate your message, identify with your brand’s values, highlight your product and also help drive audience engagement. Remember that every word said can impact how your audience reacts to your video. So, make the most of your endeavor.

Add in user-generated content

A great way to grow engagement and optimise your video spend is by using user-generated content in your videos. It’s relevant, on-point and will automatically lead to more views and shares.  Simply ask and your audience will deliver. An excellent example is Airbnb’s #OneLessStrangerCampaign where they asked users to send them videos, showcasing how these users displayed kindness to strangers they did not know. The campaign went on to become a massive hit, and helped market brand Airbnb very well. All Airbnb did in return was reward these users for sending in their videos. You too can plan a marketing strategy to reward users and viewers who engage with you in this way.

Use live video platforms

The casual nature of live video platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live or even Twitter, means that viewers don’t necessarily demand a very high production quality.  If budgets are low, these channels provide an excellent platform for you to practice telling your story and build excitement and enthusiasm around your brand.

Go with fewer actors

You can keep costs low by cutting down the number of actors involved in your production. Alternatively an animated video is an excellent alternative to optimise your video spend. In fact animation videos will explain your ideas and concepts more effectively, and can even convert better than live-action videos.

Stay on point

When you keep your videos short, it could help minimise your production costs. Longer videos could have your audience losing interest, particularly after the 2-minute mark. On the other hand, shorter videos with crisp messaging could go a long way in improving views and boosting engagement.

Find someone to help

Working with a professional need not break your bank.  Do your research of video production companies that offer affordable yet quality solutions for your video needs. In fact, outsourcing your production to a reputed video production house could have you reaping benefits in the long term.

If you don’t have big budgets for a large production company, you can optimise your video spend by approaching a smaller but specialised firm.

Creating a high-quality video is an attainable goal, particularly when you consider the returns on your investment. Always remember that a good brand video will drive a lot growth for your business and there’s literally no looking back.

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