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online platforms for sharing your marketing video

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What are the popular online platforms for sharing your marketing video?

Producing a video involves elaborate effort. It starts with the video brief,  is followed by planning, then shoot and finally post production work to arrive at the finished video. But it does not really end there. What happens next is you’ll have to look for relevant online platforms for sharing your  video. This will in turn help maximise visibility, attention and ultimately help build quality traffic and sales for your business.

If you’re wondering what platforms will help maximise your marketing efforts, read on, because we’ve put together a list of important online platforms to help your video get all the attention it deserves.

PS: Always remember to optimise your videos before distributing them. Ensure you use the keywords you would like your video to rank the most for.

Now let’s dive in

  1. Emails: Email marketing using video is the next big thing especially after the video revolution has taken over the internet in these last few years. Did you know that an email campaign with video has a 96% click-through rate compared to emails without a video. Engagement levels are significantly higher, and that’s why sharing a video seems like a no-brainer here. Mention the word video in your subject line to get your customers opening your emails.
  2. Email Signatures: In addition to email marketing campaigns, you can actually get your team to change their email signature by including a catchy line and a hyperlink to your video embedded on your site.
  3. Website: Your  website is where your clients and prospects will interact with your business, first. And that’s why your website tops the list of online platforms for sharing your marketing video. Publish your brand videos on the website to help you effectively communicate your ideas and business personality. When sharing video, consider an about-us video for your home page, a products/services video for your landing pages and videos about your work in general on the blog.
  4. Facebook: When it comes to social sharing, Facebook is the first platform that comes to  mind. Facebook has gone big with video and it’s only going to get better in the time to come. Did you know that Facebook’s algorithm, adds tons of value to videos? What this does is makes your video discoverable organically, maximising outreach for your brand.
  5. Instagram: Instagram is ideal if you’re after crafting creative visual content. In fact, you can use this social media profile to create a teaser-trailer with suitable links to the the full-version video.  The trailer gets your prospects excited and creates anticipation, automatically generating clicks to  the actual video. Always remember to optimise with relevant hashtags and captions, for more visibility.
  6. YouTube: This is the second largest search engine on the web and should be on your list of online platforms for sharing your marketing video. The trick is to use the platform strategically so your videos can be see from far and wide. Also, since YouTube will not suffice on its own for your brand’s video strategy, your focus when using the platform should ideally be to gain viewer attention and drive this traffic back to your website where they have access to a lot more video content without the distraction and interruptions that ads provide. Pro tip: When you optimise your videos for YouTube, remember to change the description title slightly from what you use when you embed the video to your website. Also, don’t forget the Call to Action that will help direct traffic to your website.
  7. Twitter: Twitter like Facebook is also investing heavily in video. In fact, a chunk of Twitter users, almost 82% of them, prefer watching video content on the platform itself. Twitter is also very handy when it comes to discovering videos. Ensure your videos are branded and optimised, so people can find you and remember who you are.
  8.  Blogs:  I mentioned this in point 2, but I’ll add again; your business blog is an amazing online platform for sharing your marketing videos. You can also contact your industry partners and see if they’ll share your video content on their websites. This can also help build a lot of credibility for your brand.
  9.  Online Groups and Communities: If you are a member of certain LinkedIn groups, you can contribute to relevant discussions and conversations, by sharing links to your videos.

Go ahead, share away!


Do you have any comments or suggestions about online platforms for sharing your marketing video? Comment in the section below and let us know. And if you’re keen to produce a video with Two Story, write in today: [email protected]




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