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Nucerity Event Highlights Video

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Nucerity Event Highlights Video, Brisbane 2017

Nucerity is  renowned their for anti-ageing skin care products. As part of their World East Convention, the brand was here  conducting a 2-day event at the Brisbane Convention Centre.  Like last year, this year too, we came on board to provide video coverage. With that we’ve also put together the  Nucerity Event Highlights Video.

For the video we’ve captured all the fun moments as well as the interviews, guest speeches and talks by the CEOs and award winners. We handled the creative reins of the project, although the shooting template was had to be aligned with the previous year’s events.

Watch the video now



We worked with the following equipment:

2 x HDSLR Canon cameras -(5dmkiv and 5dmkiii, 2x tripods, 1x glide-cam, 1x slider)

1 x shotgun microphone and headphones for interviews

With that we also worked with a crew of one interviewer, two camera operators and one photographer.

Post Production

For the Nucerity Event Highlights Video, we created all the animations using Adobe After Effects CC.  Video editing was done using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and logos and titles were developed in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Nucerity loved the final video. They felt that the look and feel of the video aligned well with their brand image and looked similar to  videos shot elsewhere in the world! The video is now part of all their online marketing and promotional material as well as on social media.

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