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never underestimate your audience

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Never underestimate your audience: Key to successful video marketing

If you want to make a successful video, never underestimate your audience. Talk them down or underestimate their intelligence, and you can kiss your business goals goodbye.

Why does this happen?

You see, the words you use coupled with your content and the overall tone of voice can impact your audience’s impression of your brand. It can make your brand appear warm and appealing or much too cold and arrogant. In any case, how you present your content can become the difference between success and failure.

How to never underestimate your audience

Language: Always go with easy-to-comprehend and simple language over heavy jargon in your videos. Your prospect is likely to tune in with simplistic and easy to understand language that he/she can relate with. Avoid a bunch of jargon for it runs the risk of sounding too academic, something your prospect may not necessarily expect in a marketing video.

Use humour: Humour is an excellent tool to connect with your audience, but you also need to determine if your audience gets your joke or not. To do this, you’ll have to dig deeper to understand your ideal customer’s persona and craft humorous content that drives them to engage with your brand further.

Tone: Use the right tone of voice in your videos to appeal to your viewers. Never talk down to them, when you can bring them up to your level. What will not work: A condescending, proud, sale-sy or gimmicky tone of voice. That’s a definite turn-off!

Content: You’ll want to remember to keep the actual content of your video on point and not get into all the details of a particular product or service. Remember: When you pack in too much information in one video, viewers are not likely to remember any of it. Also avoid oversimplifying the obvious. If the problem is a universal one, there is no need for you to explain it at length.

Bottomline: Don’t dumb down your audience. No one likes being been talked down to. What’s more, it can make your video seem long and rambling and have people switch out before they can get to your CTA. That’s a sure fail!

Customers want to feel like you care about their problems, so work towards giving them just that. Your business exists to solve customer problems, so your customer really is at the centre of your universe.  For more interesting content about successful video marketing, stay tuned to our blog.

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