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tone of voice for your video

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Why you need a powerful tone of voice for your video

To get your message across to your audience, crafting the right kind of content is important. But often, how you say it can be the game changer in the grander scheme of things. In fact, getting your tone of voice for your video right can be the difference between success and failure.

Let’s explore…

What does tone of voice for your video mean?

In essence, tone of voice reflects the personality and values of a business or brand in all its communications. It could be a suggestion of formality, seriousness, irreverence, humour, etc that comes through in the way you structure the content communicated in your video. Typically the first thing brands will think of when it comes to video marketing is the creative visual.  Often forgotten is that conveying the right tone of voice is critical too.

Why it matters?

Tone of voice is telling your audience the type of  business you are and the kind of relationship you want to have with them.  This often works well to create brand authenticity. What’s more, it can help your brand stand out from a crowd of similar businesses and make a distinction. Customers often judge brands based on how they’re being talked to. If you can hit the nail on the head with your choice of words and your tone of voice and language, you can persuade your audience to turn into paying customers.

Here’s how you can implement the right tone of voice for your video

If you’re not sure what you’d like your brand’s tone of voice to be, take time out with a few colleagues to watch a few video ads that come to mind. Take notes while you watch these ads and think about whether their tone of voice is something to dislike or be inspired by. Analyse why.  Is a particular tone of voice more agreeable than others? Does it align with your business’ values? Use this exercise for more clarity.

In video marketing, an apt voice-over will also contribute towards establishing a definitive tone of voice. First thing: Do you want the speaker to be identified? Is this the company’s CEO, director, a customer or just an anonymous voice? For videos where you’re trying to evoke a sense of authenticity, a realistic and candid voice over may do the trick. For videos where you need to come off as authoritative and concise, you’ll want a voice over that means business. This will make your brand look confident and an expert.


Try and remain consistent with your brand’s tone of voice. Would you trust a friend who talked to you in one way and was different when he/she talked to other friends? No, you wouldn’t. Your brand’s tone of voice has to be rooted in your company’s culture and values. It cannot sway based on topical trends.

Work on how you want to say it and let your brand’s personality shine through in your videos. And if you need help with the technical side of things for putting together these videos, talk to us today. Write in to [email protected]


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