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creating a killer case study video

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Make a case study video: Step-by-step guide

What is the one recurring challenge most business owners face today? It’s building trust and credibility with prospects or potential customers before they’ve had the chance to experience and confirm that your solutions and services actually work.

Daunting as it may seem, with simple yet strategic steps, you can soon be on your way to converting leads into customers, effortlessly!

How do you achieve this?

You make a case study video

So what is a case study video?

Make a case study video

But that’s not all a case study video can do for you.

Benefits of a Case Study Video

  1. Prospects can relate to your brand immediately. Few marketing tools have been found to be so effective.
  2. Case study videos take longer to create and many of your competitors will simply not choose to go the mile, giving you competitive advantage right there.
  3. Make a case study video to help your clients tell a unique story of your expertise and how you used that expertise to solve their problems.
  4. If your prospects find a trusted and recognized brand speak highly of your business, they are more compelled to buy from you, as they then tend to perceive you as a high-quality business.
  5. Since case study videos are about real business problems and solutions, unlike advertisements that are fictional and hypothetical at best, the impact on your prospects is greater with higher chances of conversions.
  6. With a case study video, you can showcase how your product or service actually works, rather than simply talk about it.
  7. When you make a case study video that focuses on the benefits of your service, your prospects can actually visualize how your business can help them realize their goals.
  8. You can share your case study video on multiple platforms, like your website, your social media pages, blog, YouTube, etc. They make for wonderful shareable content that people will instantly consume.
  9. Case study videos when sent out to your subscribers by email, can elicit more open click-rates by a whopping 65%.
  10. What’s more case study videos are excellent tools to use as leverage during sales pitch meetings to drive home the point.

How to make a case study video

Step 1: Finding the right project/ client: This is a critical first step in the overall success of your case study video. Picking the right project is of essence.


  1. When you make a case-study video about a certain project/client, you are depicting your expertise in dealing with certain complexities in your client’s business. What you want here is to showcase an outcome that will leave your prospects feeling confident and amazed by your solutions. To achieve this, picking any or every project from your pool of projects won’t cut it.
  2. When you plan to make a case study video, you need to prioritise the kind of projects you want to be associated more with. Ask yourself what kind of projects do you want to take on more often? This is another factor that makes finding the right kind of project relevant.
  3. When you select a project for your first case study, you also need to be able to put together statistics or figures of how well your solutions worked for your client. Were they happy with the way you tackled the project?


Video Case Study

Step 2: Tell a good story

A great story will elevate your brand’s experience for your prospects, in turn making it an attractive proposition for them to work with you. To do this, find an angle that will make your case study stand out. This will usually be a specific problem that you helped solve for the client.  Try and not focus on too many angles. This may end up confusing your prospect.

Step 3: Prepare a story board

  1. Plan your scenes step-by-step and lay them out
  2. Work within a timeline of two minutes for your video
  3. Work to achieve a balance between your work and showing people on the video.
  4. When you write the voiceover script, stay to the point, be assertive and as direct as possible.

Step 4: Keep it engaging: Keep your audience hooked till the end of your video. Use emotions to bring forth the problems you have tried to solve in the video.

Finally, don’t forget to add a call to action at the end. This will encourage your prospects to start a conversation with you.

Step 5:  Hire a video professional: Work with someone talented and experienced in this space, someone who can help you with valuable inputs along the way.

Before the final shoot, do a test rehearsal to understand what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved. Test rehearsals also help you see how your footage looks on screen.

Don’t forget to review, revise and re-work if necessary. Case study videos will work towards satisfying your most important business goals.

As always, we’re here if you need us! At Two Story, we aim to give your content wings and support your business goals.  Talk to us today.

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