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Managing your Super: Informative case-study video for NGS Super

Life after retirement can mean oodles of relaxation and time to do things that have seemed like a distant thought during one’s working years. But with that ease, it often also brings up issues of managing finances in order to keep things running smoothly. For this video gig with Gillespie Advertising we’ve created a testimonial-style informative case study video for  NGS Super that tackles issues of managing one’s superannuation and ensuring life after retirement is easy-breezy at best.

The story follows the journey of a retired history teacher, Angela who talks about how NGS Super solved all her post-retirement concerns over her superannuation. The beauty of the video is that it touches upon the problems in  a very personalised fashion, making it resonate fully with its target audience. What’s more, it also showcases solutions without hard-selling.   With its amazing storytelling, the video manages to build trust and therefore tops our list of B2B videos for you to watch out for this month!

For the shoot, we worked with a 2-camera set-up in a studio against a green screen. During post production, we added a beach holiday resort clip that had been pre-filmed.

The production equipment included:

  • 2 x HDSLRs, 2 x tripods, lenses, field monitor
  • 1 x shotgun mic, 1 x lapel mic
  • 2x Large LED panel lights, 2x softboxes, 1x small LED panel
  • 1 x greenscreen backdrop, 2 x greenscreen stands & accessories.
  • 1 x pedestal fan (to re-create an outdoor breeze)

Shoot highlight

With our improved green-screen lighting techniques, we made the beach scene look hyper realistic without having to be at the beach. This took care of any technical issues arising during shooting such as audio problems and moving clouds that can effectively alter the scene’s lighting. 

Watch the video now:

This informative case study video ended up in company presentations and pitch meetings and will potentially also feature on the brand’s online platforms.

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