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End of Year Infographic Video for Burwood Council

This month, we’re feeling a tad nostalgic!  2018 has been a busy year with a variety of challenging and interesting projects, thanks to all our lovely clients. But even as we continue to move forward and embrace new experiences , there’s one project, a blast from our recent past, that we’d like to share with you today. We worked on an interesting infographic video for Burwood Council, NSW to showcase their end of year stats in late 2017.  

 If you consider the history of promotional content for Councils in the past, print has often been the platform of choice. This results in minimal coverage  with the core messaging almost always getting lost!  However, given the growing popularity of video content in recent years, Burwood Council decided to make a switch. The goal: To relay their messages in a more convincing and engaging manner.  

For this infographic video, we worked closely with Aqua Agency’s creative and graphic design team, to come up with the overall look for the video.  As the core video team, we were responsible for animating all the slides created by Aqua, editing the content and also organising a voice-over artist.  

 Watch our infographic video now

 The biggest challenge on this project was time. We created all the animation works from scratch and had a tight timeline of a week and a half to get everything ready.  To help with the animations, editing and voice overs, we’ve used Adobe After Effects CC2017, Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017 and Adobe Audition CC 2017, respectively. 

As for our clients, they loved the final video. They used it subsequently on their website, social media channels as well as other online marketing platforms. Overall the video went on to receive a great response, helping Burwood Council end 2017 on a great note.  

 So, what did you think of this video? Are you looking to create interesting explainer content for your business? If so, animated infographic videos are the right way to go. Write in today: [email protected] 


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