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Impress your clients with Video Brochures

Video (or LCD) Brochures are transforming the way customers connect with businesses. While a traditional brochure, with static images and text, explains how your business works, a video brochure shows how your business works. By combining print with digital media, video brochures revolutionise the way we interact with marketing materials, progressing the way we understand a business’s work and worth.

So, what is a video brochure exactly? 

A video brochure is a printed brochure that contains a video inside. When you open the front cover of a video brochure, you are brought directly to an interactive screen that plays an informational video about the company. Within this video, you can display all the information in an easy to digest video, relaying the information you want your customer to see right in front of their eyes.

The video content can be similar to the information that would have previously been displayed in a print brochure. However, instead of hoping a customer reads right through to the last page, you are ensuring that they receive all the vital information you want them to understand within seconds of opening your brochure.

What can I use a video brochure for?

There are no limits to what you can use a video brochure for. They are accommodating for product demonstrations, introducing and understanding complex materials, relaying your company’s story, and sharing engaging testimonials about your products or services. They make messaging simple. If you have a complex message you want to get across to your customer without any risk of miscommunication, a video is critical. By physically sending your customer a brochure, you can be confident they will view and engage with the video inside – unlike when you send a virtual link online.

How much do they cost?

You can have video brochures produced for as little as $30 AUD for orders of 1000 units or more (depending on the size of the screen) and up to $80-$90 AUD per unit for smaller print runs of say 20 units.

In summary

The messages you can relay in your video brochure are endless. If you are promoting a new product, this is the most interactive way you can engage your audience. If your company is offering a unique service, this is the most effective way to communicate that.

The most significant advantage to a video brochure is that they are still relatively new technology, so your customers customers are more likely to engage with the video inside. You do not have that guarantee when you create a video for online promotion. Essentially, the potential for ROI on a video brochure is boundless.


Video is key.

95% of the message is retained from a video, compared to 10% in text. (Insivia)

Text content isn’t as effective as it used to be. Humans have evolved in how they digest and retain information. Videos are the primary way to engage as many people as possible effectively. If you have an important message you want to explain, or a new product to promote, showing your audience through video rather than explaining to your audience via text is more effective.

To modernise your business and ensure you are ahead of the curve, investing in video production is essential for any company’s longevity.


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