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A step-by-step guide to finding your perfect customer

Every business revolves around understanding its audience, feeling their paint points and providing suitable solutions to solve the pain. It is also being predicted that 80% internet traffic in 2019 will be video. If you’ve decided to invest in video for marketing purposes, you’re on the right track. The only other thing you need to figure is who your audience is?


You see, when it comes to running a successful online business, knowing who you serve is perhaps as important if not more, as what you uniquely offer. In fact, your every marketing message needs to be tailored for your niche.  Finding your perfect customer and crafting your marketing messages around that customer will create the sort of resonance, social sharing, engagement and purchases that your business needs in order to flourish.

Always remember: The goal isn’t to get 50,000 random site visits every month; traffic from 5000 paying customers will work very well for you.

Who is your perfect customer?

Your ideal customer is someone who will buy from you. They represent a mix of paying clients and potential customers who are willing to make a purchase from you.

Why is this important for your business?

This is an age of social noise and isolation.  And of course there are problems of everyday life. The funny thing about problems is that like us, our prospects also feel like they’re the only one having to deal with them.  They feel alone.  And that’s why they’re looking for someone who understands their pain; who speaks to their individuality and also suggests solving them.

How do you find your perfect customer?

Your ideal customer is someone who has money to buy your product and loves what you do.  A lot of marketing will tell you that finding your ideal customer is about demographics. Remember: You’re not selling to demographics. You are selling to actual people.

Also remember that buying is an emotional decision, never logical.

  1. So in your quest to determine who your perfect customer is, make notes of who an ideal customer tends to be for you.
  2. Gather a collective of characterisations about your ideal customer. For simplicity sake, let’s call them an avatar.
  3. Make sure this avatar loves what you do


Your ideal customer


Here are a few key pointers to factor in”

  1. Are they an introvert/ extrovert?
  2. What jobs do they have?
  3. Do they have kids?
  4. What hobbies and social activities?
  5. What problems are they wrestling with?
  6. What is their level of engagement in the online space?
  7. Where do they like to hang out on the web?
  8. What are their dreams, values and aspirations?
  9. What do they fear?

You can actually model this on the business you have right now. Find out from your customer base who fits the description of your ideal customer and flesh out the above details. If you’re unsure or don’t have enough details about your customer, draft a survey and send it to them. Afterwards, analyse and voila!  you will actually be able to pick a pattern and craft an ideal customer for your business.

If you don’t have a perfect customer or are new to doing business, you can do the following:

  1. Eavesdrop on conversations happening on social media. This is an excellent place to listen and find out about the problems your prospects are facing.
  2. Look up forums on the web and see what your prospects are frustrated with.
  3. When you collect testimonials, observe closely the kind of words and phrases they use. Listen to their language and turn it around in your marketing messaging.
  4. Another place for research is on your competitor’s social media and web pages. Grasp the marketing language used to speak to their customers. Notice the conversations happening on their social media pages.


Tips to find your ideal customer


Let your content speak to the innermost fears of your prospects with solutions that show them the light. This is a fundamental element when developing an effective video marketing campaign. If you’re going to target anyone under the sun with money, you’ll fail to appeal to your niche and miss the mark every single time.

Once you’ve got your content ideas and messaging in place, reach out to pros in the field to help you execute them. Maybe Two Story can give you a hand with that!

Take a look at our extensive portfolio  write to us  we’ll make your marketing campaigns shine.

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