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How-To Video For Woolworth’s New Website, Bunch

This is exciting new territory for us; a fresh client and a new project. To give you a quick background, we’ve partnered with Marque Studios to create a 4-episode series of fun how-to videos for Woolworth’s new website, Bunch. Andy & Sunny, food photographer & stylist team from Woolworths have interesting tips to share for people interested in improving their food presentation and photography skills.  The first how-to video of the series is out and we’re super thrilled to share it with you. We filmed this video over a span of 2-days.

This one’s for all you spaghetti lovers!

Watch the video now. 


Marque Studios came up with the storyboards and location details. We did a thorough site recce priot to shoot, testing our cameras, lighting and talent involved in the final video.


On the shoot day, we worked with the following equipment

1 x Canon 5D mark iv ; 2 x CreamSource LED Panels; 1 x Reflector
1 x 85mm canon cine lens
1 x 35mm canon cine lens
1 x LED Panel
4 x light stands and 2 x c stands
1 x Fluid head tripod
1 x 7” field monitor & 5” field monitor w/ assorted hdmi cables and splitters
1 x Shotgun mic, 1x Zoom H1 Audio Recorder, 1x boom pole

Post production

We utilised Adobe Premiere Pro CC for all the video editing and Adobe Photoshop CC for image manipulation. We also used Adobe Audition CC for audio works.


One of the biggest challenges while working on this video was maintaining kitchen light at a constant exposure. We  had to light the scene to ensure colour temperature and exposure didn’t change throughout the day. There were large windows around, so we had to  black out some unnecessary windows to fix issues and control the lighting.

The other challenge was of maintaining continuity. Since we filmed the video over two days, we had to ensure that what was being filmed matched up with the natural flow of the video.

At Two Story, we’re elated to be creating online video content for such a prominent brand. The video has been shared on all their online platforms including the website and social media.

What you can do next?

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