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Hiring a video production company

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5 steps to hiring a video production company

As a first step in hiring a video production company, zero in on the type of videos that will justify your marketing and business goals. The idea is have an end product that is professional, well-edited and which effectively conveys your brand’s message.

Consider the following steps

  • Find out if your interests align: Insist on a meeting to get to know the company better. When you are face-to-face, pay attention to the kind of questions they ask about your project. Ask specific questions about their work. Do they share similar philosophies as you when doing business? Be 100% sure that the company is genuinely interested and passionate about your video.
  • Check their most recent work: If you don’t find enough recent work on their website, be sure to comb through their social media pages. Often companies tend to share their  work on social media platforms, and video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. The trick to hiring a video production company is to also understand if they have the equipment and the talent to deliver on your vision.
  • Look for creative ideas: Do they come up with unique ways to make their client’s videos stand out and get noticed? Do you notice an innovative spark in their work? Alternatively, ask the production house to pitch ideas on the execution. This exercise to help you determine if the company can craft something special for your brand.
  • Check for quality of production: How professional do their videos look? What’s the quality of the footage and sound like?  Ultimately it boils down to whether you like their work or not. Always remember to be thorough with your research.
  • Get multiple quotes:  Get multiple quotes to make sure your project is priced right. Video production requires investment, but hopefully the price doesn’t have to be the most important consideration. Also, remember that video done right will ensure a higher ROI. Get a breakdown on the steps and processes involved in pre & post production and what you may be expected to pay for it.


Think through and research effectively. This will save you time, effort and hassle when hiring a video production company for your next online campaign.

And if you’d like us to give you a hand, we’d love to hear from you. Our work will help you tell your story most effectively and fuel your marketing strategy. If you’d like to talk about your next video project, write to us today.

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