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Live Streaming & Highlights Video for Credible at ASX

Headquartered in San Francisco, Credible is globally-recognised for its services in the student loan comparisons market. The good news is the brand recently listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and were here in Sydney for the IPO. To capture the event’s activities, they reached out to Two Story to help with the following: 

1. Create a live event video link to help the Credible headquarters at San Francisco watch the listing as it unfolded. (Including a key moment, involving the countdown to the listing with the ringing of a bell)

2. Film and produce a highlights video 

3. Also capture photographs as event highlights.  

During the planning stage, Credible’s Sr Manager, Direct Marketing, Alison James put together a rough overview itinerary, to help us understand the flow of events and what was required to be captured.  

For a more authentic video experience, we came up with the idea of filming some footage at their headquarters, especially for the countdown and the ringing of the bell, to be used in the highlights video as a split screen (watch in the video). We also conducted a few live tests with the IT Dept to ensure no glitches could take place at the last minute.

A TeraDek unit and a Canonc300 helped with the live streaming broadcast over a private YouTube link. To capture the footage for the highlights video, we’ve used a 5D Mark iv.  

Watch video now

 We’ve edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC with logos and titles in Adobe Photoshop CC.  

The task of coordinating with an overseas client in a vastly different time zone can be pretty challenging. But, we were able to iron out any issues with clear and timely communication through phone and email.  

 This was also our first time live streaming to the US, while filming the event highlights video. Credible ended up sharing their live stream on their social media platforms, online marketing channels and their website. The project was a success, and here’s what Alison had to say about our work.  

So, what did you think about this event highlights video? Do you currently have a specific video requirement we can help you with? Write in today to [email protected] 

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