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Food Styling & Photography Tips Video: Bunch by Woolworths – Episode 2

After the success of our first video collab with Marque Studios & Woolworths, this is episode two of in the series. To give you a quick recap, the videos are part of a series of fun how-to-videos for Woolworth’s new website Bunch. Today’s episode is a food styling & photography tips video for a beef brisket. Sunny and Andy, the creative duo behind many of the images you see on the Woolworths product range, have a bunch of interesting ideas to help you style and photograph food like a pro.

For the video, Marque Studios came up with storyboards and previs documents. We conducted a site recce, tested the cameras, lighting and the talent before the actual shoot.

Production involved:
1 x Canon 5D mark iv 2 x CreamSource LED Panels
1 x Reflector
1 x 85mm canon cine lens
1 x 35mm canon cine lens
2 x Two Story crew (Duane & Andrew), 1 x LED Panel
4 x light stands and 2 x c stands
1 x Woolworths supervisor
1 x Fluid head tripod
1 x 7” field monitor & 5” field monitor w/ assorted hdmi cables and splitters
1 x Shotgun mic, 1x Zoom H1 Audio Recorder, 1x boom pole
5 x Marque crew (incl. talent)

All post-production on this food styling & photography tips video was carried out using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Additionally, we’ve used Adobe Audition CC for audio works.

Watch this video here:–Andys-food-styling-and-photography-tips—beef-brisket

The idea behind this video series is to encourage Woolies’ customers to improve their meal presentation and Instagram photos with everyday food styling and photography tips. The shoot ambience looks lived in and homely, very similar to Jamie Oliver’s campaigns. The client has loved the look and feel of the video and now plans on collaborating with Two Story on future episodes in the series.

Video is a particularly effective marketing tool for the food industry. If you’re looking for a professional to produce lip-smacking video content for your business, hit us up today. Write to [email protected]



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