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Financial Review Video: NGS Super

Financial video production is a big part of what we do at Two Story. In fact, our previous gig with Gillespie Advertising for NGS Super had us capturing the CEO in Action, doing a financial review video for their clients at the end of 2016.

This March we shot with the CEO yet again, as he now brings you the first CEO update in 2017. Anthony Rodwell-Ball revisits two of the biggest stories of 2016 and their impact on the global markets in this insightful video.

The brief for us was to create an informative financial review video on a green screen.  To achieve this, we worked with a 2-camera set-up in an office style setting, indoors. A green screen backdrop set-up was also added.

Production equipment utilised during shoot:

  1. 2 x HDSLRs, 2x tripods, 2 70x200mm lenses, 7” field monitor
  2. 1 shotgun microphone, 1 x lapel microphone
  3. 2 x LED panel lights, 1 x small LED panel, 2x soft boxes
  4. 1 x green screen backdrop, 2 x green screen stands and accessories

Challenges: Lighting the green screen is always difficult, but with prior research, experience and technical know-how we were able pull it off.

The client required the video in time for the March update on their website and so we had to work on a rather tight deadline. And the good news is, both the article and the video were published only a few days ago on the NGS Super website. Take a look now!

Our tip:  Aim to educate, help, answer queries and be informative with your financial videos. This is a great way to garner trust, credibility and win the loyalty of your prospects. Notice how in this video, the CEO says nothing about the company or its products, but instead informs, advises and provides solutions that help.

If you missed watching the 2016 year end CEO financial review video, you can watch it right here

Talk to us about technical expertise when shooting your financial videos.  Give us a shout by writing in at [email protected] today.

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