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RI Advice financial case study video: Why plan?

With financial videos, our aim has always been to create content that reflects customer problems and their solutions with as much simplicity as possible.  And, this time around we’ve worked with Gillespie Advertising for producing a financial case study video for their client RI Advice.

The case study video explores the experience of an actual customer “Adam.”  Adam delves into details of the importance of financial planning early on, given how life is unpredictable, especially with reference to mental disabilities.

The video hits the nail on the head, and points to pertinent financial troubles and how they can be overcome with assistance and planning and a little help from RI Advice.


Once briefed, we recommended a 2-camera set-up in a nice warm country-home style setting.  Rod Gillespie is responsible for putting together a compelling script.


The following equipment was in place:

  1. 2 x HDSLRs, 2 x tripods, lenses, a field monitor
  2. 1 x shotgun mic , 1 x lapel mic
  3. 2 x LED panel lights, soft boxes, reflectors

Post Production

The Supers and logos were provided by the gfx designer at Gillespie Advertising. We’ve added in royalty-free audio tracks and have completed the editing workflow in Adobe Suite, utilising Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can watch the video right here:

This financial case study video  was then used at presentation meetings and several other online platforms.

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